GREAT WEEK! Limitless Future for MSM Members! Oct 24th, 2018 Hello Successpreneur,

Welcome to all new Successpreneur. Members are having

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To Your Massive Success,

The SuccessMastermind Team.
How Can I Make Money with MySuccessMastermind? Oct 20th, 2018 Hello,

The opportunity to help you make massive income is a core

function of our service and this is how to make money with


You simply have to buy Success Package(s) and earn profit on it every 12Hours.

Each package costs $5 but one can only buy a minimum of $20 worth of pack.

There are 3 packages associated with how much you can earn,These are

1. The Basic Mastermind Package

2. The Premium Mastermind Package and

3. The VIP Mastermind Package.

The Basic Package: To qualify for the basic package you need to purchase between

$20 – $495 worth of pack to earn 2.25% Every 12Hours. As simple as that, so for illustration

purposes if you purchase $100 worth of shares, you will earn $2.25 every 12Hours which amount

to $4.5 daily for a period of 30 days. To increase your earnings over time you can buy additional success pack.

Premium Plan: The premium plan offers you 2.75% earnings every 12Hours on your success package.

To qualify for this plan you need to purchase between $500 - $1995 worth of success package.

This is simply amazing and our most recommended plan for everyone who has the means. For illustration

purposes, suppose you buy $500 worth of pack you will earn $27.5 per day and $13.75 every 12Hours.

Likewise you can use your hourly/ daily earnings to purchase additional packs to increase your earnings

very quickly.

The VIP Package: This pays you 6.7% daily earnings on your success package. The VIP plan comes

loaded with lots of amazing benefits. To qualify for this plan you will have to purchase $2000 – $50,000

worth of success package. For illustration purposes, suppose you purchase $2000 worth of pack you will

earn $134 per day and $67 Every 12Hours.

The SuccessMastermind Payment System

We accept payments in Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money.

We have internal exchange system that allows members swap cash balance from

one processor to another.

Also, there is Limited PayPal Service for USA Members Only: chat with us for more details.

We accept your paypal and swap your earnings to Bitcoin, and we can exchange it back and

trade it to Paypal for you if you desire. Minimum amount for this service is $200

How Do I Get Started?

First, you need to have a payment processor account which is accepted by MySuccessMastermind.

Login and Fund Your E-wallet

What is the Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit is $10

What is the Minimum Withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is $5

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to make money with SuccessMastermind.

To Your Massive Success,

The SuccessMastermind Team.
Official Program Launch Oct 20th, 2018 24Hours to Official Program Launch

Hi MindMaster,

We're so excited and looking forward to a smooth program opening.

MySuccessMastermind will official open tomorrow

Greenwich Mean Time: 3:00 PM GMT Sunday, October 21st, 2018 ( London )
Eastern Time (ET) 11:00 AM Sunday, October 21st, 2018
8:30 PM Sunday, October 21st, 2018, in India
8:30 PM Sunday, October 21st, 2018, in India
4:00 PM Sunday, October 21st, 2018 in Pakistan Time
10:00 PM Sunday, October 21st, 2018, in Vietnam
4:00 AM Sunday, October 21st, 2018, in Auckland, New Zealand
5:00 PM Sunday, October 21st, 2018, in France
5:00 PM Sunday, October 21st, 2018, in Berlin, Germany
11:00 AM Sunday, October 21st, 2018, in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Fund Your Account and Be Among the First Set of Millionaire.

To Your Massive Success,
The SuccessMastermind Team.
How Does SuccessMastermind Generate Revenue? Oct 19th, 2018 Dear Successpreneur,

The question of how we’re able to pay a high profit returns has been one of the most

returning questions received since announcing the program, for this reason it’s important

that we share our revenue lines with you. Basically we’re able to pay such profit returns from

the money we make through the internal advertising sale and external sources as shown below.

Firstly we generate internal revenue on the website through;

1) Banner Advertising Sale

Banner advertising is one of the services we provide at SuccessMastermind and from this sales we

generate some form of profits. As our presence is established we’ll be able to make more revenue

from advertising. But for now

The most of our revenue is generated from external sources which includes;

2) Travel Deals:

We're backed by two of the biggest leaders of online travels. We help consumers around the world to

book hotel rooms, flights, car rentals, and even restaurants via web and mobile applications for cheap.

The profits we generate are from flip contracts; We buy all the major deals and sell for regular prices.

This generates 45% of the profit we share at SuccessMastermind.

3) Cryptocurrency Trade

Cryptocurrency trading is making millions of people a lot of profit, but if you don’t know how you will lose

your entire savings, so we’ve stepped in for you, we use professional experts plus modern technology to

execute Low Risk Per 30 Seconds Cryptocurrency Trades. For us to generate the best returns we use refined

trading strategies and modern technology to help you make more of your money. We have our own designed

software that execute trades ever 30 seconds. This revenue source generates 35% of the profit we share.

4) Lending

We do what the bank do, we give short term loans and have it paid back with fees. These loans are temporary

but can generate good revenues.

Of a truth if you’re looking for a reliable and ethical income opportunity platform that would make you a lot of

money with a peace of mind, and doesn’t require experience or a fortune to open,

is the service for you. We are committed to constant reinvention to make sure our members enjoy safe and profitable

returns for a long period of time.

To Your Massive Success,

The SuccessMastermind Team.

The Dark Days are Over – It's Time for Massive Income and Mind Success Oct 7th, 2018 Hi,

We are excited to prelaunch the most valuable income solution for 2018; MySuccessMastermind. This platform is open to the global community who desire to make massive money online and enjoy life. It’s about time we’ll get a real and ethical income opportunity that’s truly sustainable. We’ve put so much thought into this program and sure to deliver the smartest income solution that would help you live better.

The program prelaunch is in two phase; SM Version 1.9 and Version 2.9. Each version is dedicated to achieve meaningful results for the best of its members. Version 1.9 is the time to get to know the program and understand how life changing it can be, it’s a time to join and share your link with friends, family and business associates. Time to communicate your needs and concerns with the project admin while the SM Version 2.9 is when you're expected to position yourself for success, time to fund your account and pre-order and continue sharing your affiliate links on all social media platform, blogs and advertising platforms to cease the opportunity of earning even more.

Thanks for now, more info on how best to maximize your mind and earning potential with MySuccessMastermind would be sent to you via emails so you don’t get left out.

To Your Success,
The SuccessMastermind Team.